Fort Lauderdale Luxury Car Rental

Fort Lauderdale Luxury Car Rental

Luxury car in Fort lauderdale

Luxury car in Fort lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is one of the hottest vacation destinations year-round in the United States, largely due to its stunning beaches and close proximity to the big city life of Miami. It’s well-known as a destination that attracts both a large number of high-roller tourists and a large number of college students who flock to the beaches for spring break and summer getaways.

Because the city is not typically well-served by mass transit, most travelers prefer to rent a car for the duration of their stay in the city. And if that’s the case, the top option on anyone’s mind should be a Fort Lauderdale luxury car rental. But before you decide to go with a certain luxury car model — or a certain luxury car company — there are some considerations you should keep in mind and some information you should have on hand when you head to the company’s lot.

Check into Insurance Policies and Rates

Driving a luxury car rental is a great way to kick your vacation up a notch and do something you likely wouldn’t do back home: drive a car worth hundreds of thousands of dollars past exclusive beachfront property day after day. That’s a lifestyle most people aspire too — or see only in movies. But, as with driving any car, the danger of an automobile accident is very real and can be especially costly when driving a Fort Lauderdale luxury car rental.

For this reason, it’s important to call up the rental companies you are considering and inquire about their insurance rates and the coverage they offer in the case of an emergency scenario. These insurance costs will, of course, add to your rental fee, but the long-term benefits and peace of mind are worth it. Luxury rental drivers should keep in mind that an inadequate insurance policy will hold them responsible for the remaining damages and, with a car of this value, those damages could be astronomic and lead to real financial turmoil.

Check Rental Rates and Policies

Fort Lauderdale luxury car rental companies typically rent their exclusive vehicles out by the hour or by the day. And, generally speaking, it’s better and more affordable to rent on a daily basis rather than for just a few hours. You’ll want to check each company’s rental times and rates so you can get the best deal with your luxury car. Be sure to discuss just how you plan to use the car when you rent it, too, as this might help. There’s an entirely different way to rent a car when it’s for a hot date — and not for continuous driving to and from the city’s all-night hotspots.

Ensure the Detailing Service is Top-Notch

A Fort Lauderdale luxury car rental services agency should be free of all worries and concerns, and that includes a dirty interior for the vehicle you choose during your trip. Inquire about the company’s detailing policies and make sure that every car is in like-new condition when you first get inside. It might be okay to settle for sub-standard car interior detailing with a traditional rental, but with cars of this magnitude and value it simply should not be tolerated by any renter.

If the car looks dirty inside or smells unpleasant, it’s time to move to the next company. You may even want to reserve judgment on a specific company until you arrive in person so that you can give your future mode of transportation an in-person checkup. These high-priced vehicles demand nothing less.

Ask about Driving Courses and Information

Depending on the nature of you Fort Lauderdale luxury car rental needs, you may want to inquire as to whether a rental company will offer a crash course (pardon the pun) that informs you of the best way to drive this new vehicle. Luxury cars come in two distinct breeds: the handsome, classy models, and the exotic sports car that takes some getting used to. Be sure you can drive the car before you leave the lot, or you might find yourself falling back on that excellent insurance coverage you asked about at the beginning of the process — and that’s no way to end a vacation!