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While Florida is home to some of the world’s most modern airports, the best way to get around is by car, especially when a vacationer has no set agenda or destination. The freedom, mobility and utility of a car can turn a good vacation into a great one, especially since it allows for flexibility and comfort in terms of what you do and where you go. If you arrive and find that one beach is too crowded or lacks amenities you enjoy, you can simply hop into your car and drive to another one. If you discover that, like many people, the Florida Everglades are incredibly fascinating, you can explore them on the many back-roads and state parks from the comfort of your car. As such, wise vacationers rent a car upon arrival, and the wisest choose to rent a luxury vehicle.

All too often, people think that their car rental is where they should choose to be cheap on their vacation. Fearing expensive rental fees, they opt for the tiniest commuter vehicles that are offered. While this certainly may save a few bucks, a vehicle which is cramped and uncomfortable can ruin a vacation, especially a one that involves as much sand and surf as a vacation in Florida. With so much traveling, so much sun and so much fun, it just doesn’t make sense to rely on a small commuter vehicle or even a basic family sedan. Smart vacationers avail themselves of the ample Florida luxury car rental market, shopping around and getting themselves something large, comfortable and relaxing. After all, one may spend many hours riding around in a rental car, why should those hours be spent struggling to fit into a tight, uncomfortable seat or struggling to get the air conditioner running? If your vacation has any amount of driving, you’ll thank yourself later if you choose a luxury rental car, since not only will it provide more room and amenities, it’ll make sure that you get the most out of your vacation by keeping you from ever setting foot outside of comfort and relaxation.

luxury-jaguarLuxury car rentals in Florida are surprisingly affordable due to dynamics of scale within the market. Florida is one of America’s #1 vacation destinations, and as such there are a surprisingly large number of people who rent luxury vehicles, ensuring that there are lots of companies sating lots of demand. Additionally, the hot sun and mild weather help reduce wear-and-tear on the vehicles, most notably by ensuring that they are not exposed to road salt and freezing weather. Lastly, the popularity of luxury cars means that they are easy for rental car companies to obtain and maintain, decreasing costs. Rental car companies are also able to get more money for the cars when they sell them on the used market or surplus them for parts. All of this combines to make the luxury car market more competitive, ensuring that customers get reasonable prices and a plethora of options to choose from.

The Miami luxury car rental market is the biggest and the most diverse, making it an excellent starting point for anyone who wishes to use such a car to enhance their vacation. Served by the largest and most modern airport in Florida, the Miami area is a starting place for many Florida vacations, and thus is home to more rental car companies than any other city (though Orlando, Florida is certainly a close second). Effectively divided into Miami, Miami Beach and Miami Airport, the region is often the one and only stop for vacationers looking to enjoy the sun and fun. Miami Airport is the primary location for most rental car companies in the area, since vacationers who have flown in will of course need a car in order to get around town. Those companies located outside of Miami Airport are aware of this and will generally have pickup or drop off services to enable air passengers to get the sort of vehicle they want. Vacationers who head over to Miami or Miami Beach via bus or taxi will find that they can easily rent a luxury car if they change their mind, as there are many locations in the area which offer such cars.

Orlando is the second biggest place to rent luxury vehicles, thanks in no small part to Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios Florida and Epcot. With so much to see, and so few convenient and easy ways to reach it via public transportation, a luxury car is the best way to get around, especially when the souvenirs and gifts begin to pile up. As such, many companies offer luxury car rentals, with some small local companies specializing in them over everything else. The large amount of demand in Orlando, along with the high number of out-of-state visitors, helps keep prices low and quality up. Additionally, many companies offer package deals with local attractions, enabling visitors to get even further savings when they go to the theme parks they had already planned on visiting. Most notably, luxury car companies now offer their high-end vehicles as part of luxury vacation packages, enabling visitors to get the most out of their savings by booking their flight, hotel and car rental simultaneously as part of a package deal. Additionally, many rental companies offer luxury upgrades to loyal customers or to customers who purchase their rental as part of a vacation package.

Fort Lauderdale is also home to a considerable part of the Florida luxury car rental market. While not as flashy as Orlando and more laid back than Miami, Fort Lauderdale is still a very popular vacation spot, especially amongst those who want to “make their own vacation” and get away from the crowds and congestion while still enjoying the sun and the amenities of a major city. Fort Lauderdale is thus ideal for cruising, especially in the lush natural wildernesses immediately outside of the city limits, and thus ideal for luxury car rentals. Many retirees find that a luxury car can be a vacation in and of itself, allowing them to see the city and the countryside from air conditioned comfort. This makes it an excellent alternative to the typical beach vacation, with the sand, sunscreen and saltwater which may not agree with everyone.

West Palm Beach is likewise ideal for cruising and many people of all ages find that a luxury car, particularly a convertible, is an ideal part of any vacation there. The cool sea breezes, combined with the bright sun and excellent view, make the luxury convertible something of a vacation in and of itself, and those who just want to get out and enjoy the weather should definitely consider renting one. The large boulevards, long seaside roads and ample parking of West Palm Beach ensure that such luxury vehicles, especially convertibles, are able to offer their best to their riders, and the chance to cruise around the countryside in comfort is something that no vacationer should consider worth missing.